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 The National Center of Mathematics & Physics

Organizational attachment

KACST Vice-president for research institutes

Mission Statement

Help develop scientific research in the Kingdom in physics & mathematics, promote the awareness of the Saudi youth on the importance of mathematics & physics, encourage them to explore these fields in an attractive manner.


   1.Determine & promote research fields that are the subject of interest of most academics.
   2.Facilitate scientific exchange among researchers in mathematics & physics.
   3.Create a database of physics & mathematics using modern technologies to provide abstracts of research papers in mathematics & physics, & information on the current research trends in the Kingdom & Arab World in these fields.
   4.Support KACST’s library in physics & mathematics, complement the contents of university libraries in the Kingdom to provide research to experts from worldwide resources & university libraries.
   5.Draw researchers in Saudi universities through the center, & open communications channels with them for research purposes.
   6.Support higher education programs in Saudi universities by supervising thesis or by teaching.
   7.Encourage the exchange of scientific visits among mathematics & physics professors in Saudi universities.
   8.Seek to issue a serious scientific periodical in physics & mathematics using available resources.
   9.Hold periodic contests to create a competitive environment that promotes interest in mathematics & physics & promotes awareness of them.
  10.Follow up on applied research & studies in mathematics & physics of national importance in various fields such as industry, communications, energy & traffic etc…to mention a few, finding & analyzing  appropriate mathematics models for these issues.
  11.Suggest a program to develop human resources & work methods in the center in coordination with the Management Development Administration.
  12.Plan for the organization of administrative & scientific activities that are within the center’s responsibilities.
  13.Submit periodic reports on the center’s performance.
  14.Submit periodic reports on the center’s performance.
  15.Any other tasks within the scope of the center’s functions.